Monday, 5 September 2011

Top Industry Leading Renewable Energy Company Expands into the US Market

The leading renewable resource company in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada - Argus Renewable Energy Inc. - has just opened its newest office in the downtown area of San Diego, California on August 1st, 2011.  A distinct market leader and expert in the sector of LED obstruction lighting and the optimization of wind energy parks, Argus has been on a solid upward trajectory of expansion since opening in North America in 2010. 

This prime US location for the corporation's newest office is ideally located on the southern West Coast to facilitate potential future growth considerations into Mexico.  This new office will serve as a primary point of contact for all US clients and partners.  It's one more illustration of Argus' solid dedication to its customers and executing upon the winning growth strategy that has served it so well within the Canadian market so far.  Andre Mehlhorn, CEO of Argus Renewable Energy Inc. said "This expansion is another leap forward for Argus in North America.  After the successful operation in Canada we are now moving nearer to our US clients and partners.  We want to make sure that they receive the best possible service."

With expansion plans now solidified and opening in the US market, this progressive wind energy and LED obstruction lighting manufacturer is capably positioned to dominate the North American market with its premium quality products and services.  Since opening the new office they can now add an additional major wind turbine producer.  The company LeitWind is famous for their wind turbine on Grouse Mountain in Vancouver/BC. LeitWind has its US office in Grand Junction/CO and HQ in Sterzing/Italy.

A unique market advantage with Argus is that the company designs and produces its own products - enabling it to maintain a exacting control on quality and deliver top results that their fast increasing client base has come to expect.  Several examples of this can be seen on their web page at

Argus Renewable Energy Inc. has demonstrated once again that they are the foremost renewable resource company to watch in 2011 and beyond.  With coverage of the Canadian and USA markets currently in place, the company's growth can only continue in one direction which very clearly, is up.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Leading Renewable Energy Company Makes “Eco-Friendly” Impact at Recent Tradeshow

A leading renewable resource company in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Argus Renewable Energy Inc., recently made an unforgettable impact throughout the AWEA 2011 conference & exhibition event in Anaheim, California.  Throughout the four-day event, various top environmental & wind energy organizations showcased their products and services to motivated attendees inside the Anaheim convention center.   While not an active exhibitor this time around, Argus Renewable Energy found an impressive way to connect with potential customers and solidify their presence at the event. 

Utilizing the most recent addition to its marketing plan, the popular “Argus Promotional Truck” - a stunning white Ford F150 wrapped in the company’s logo and promotional images, the team drove from its home base in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and located themselves outside the conference center to catch approaching attendees and supply them with memorable gift bags and other “Argus-themed” memorabilia.  Convention attendees then proceeded into the conference center armed with the Argus logo on their carrying bags thus taking away any advantage the other wind energy competitors would have had in a ‘first contact’ situation.   This application of brilliant marketing strategy is just one factor in this thriving company’s swift success in North America since 2010.

With expansion plans now solidified and proceeding into the US market, this Vancouver wind energy and LED obstruction lighting manufacturer is in position to dominate the North American marketplace with its high quality goods and services.  A specialist in the optimization of wind parks, Argus is well aligned with the “green” movement plus has the expertise to dramatically enhance the function of wind parks in whichever market it chooses to take part in.  This is also due to the fact that this company designs and manufactures its own products - enabling it to maintain a close eye on quality and deliver the type of results that their increasing customer base has come to expect.  Several examples of this can be seen on their site at

Argus Renewable Energy Inc. appears to have a solid foundation in place and is a force that should be reckoned with in the wind power industry.  With expansion underway into the US market, this company has a bright and prosperous future ahead of them. 

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Argus Obstruction Light Systems – Our Distinct Market Advantage

Argus Renewable Energy Inc. has established itself as a market leader in Obstruction Lighting systems.  Our primary business activities in this area – specifically in terms of providing obstruction lighting for wind energy plants - cover a variety of products that we offer, and are suitable for on-shore applications. 

The information and expertise we have collected over many years in this specific field provide an excellent basis of knowledge for Argus and also our customers. 

We design and finish both systems and system solutions in keeping with national and International guidelines. 

All our products are LED-based and can be designed and supplied in many ways.  Examples of this are sea beacons, obstruction lights, day and night as well as "W"-type wind power plant warning lights. 

Moreover, all systems can be provided with various types of GPS devices to meet any requirements of both Government and specific client needs.   

Visual range meters guarantee a controlled luminous intensity of the obstruction lights day and night in accordance with sight-dependent criteria in the specific environment of a wind park. 

By the use of ultra-modern optical fiber, Ethernet and radio technologies, it is possible to interconnect the obstruction lights of wind power plants from one or several different manufacturers into one single light formation without any difficulties.   

We complete all preparatory work with the customer, and collaborate to determine an optimal plan for any specific project involving obstruction lights.   In addition, we are able to add to existing cabling in place at wind power plants and provide world-class before and after sales & service. 

We can match any existing systems of flashing obstruction lights with a minimum of construction and economic cost to guarantee their trouble-free operation for many years.

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Argus Renewable Energy - Argus Truck at AWEA Wind Power 2011

Eco-Friendly Renewable Energy Company Enhancing Image with Stunning Promotional Vehicle

A leader in the field of obstruction lighting specializing in renewable energy optimization of wind energy plants, Argus Renewable Energy has been making a solid impact in this exciting field globally since 2008.  More recently, in 2010, the company established a Vancouver British Columbia division and has been emerging as a leader in its field in North America.  The most recent addition to enhance its image and marketing strategy has been the new Argus Promotional Truck – a beautiful white Ford F150 wrapped in the stylish Argus logo and green flowing designs that make this a real standout to all who see it.  This truck will be on site during the Windpower 2011 conference & exhibition event in Anaheim, California from May 22nd to 25th and the company will be distributing free gifts at the event from the truck.

This rapidly growing renewable energy company concentrates its main business activities in the field of obstruction lights for wind energy plants.  These are LED-based lighting systems that can act as sea beacons, day & night, as well as “W”-type wind power plant warning lights.  Due to the extremely high quality of manufacturing and design, these lights last for many years and are a clear cut above the competition.  Several examples of this can be seen on their website at  

With the world becoming more and more eco-conscious, Argus Renewable Energy Inc. could not be more perfectly positioned to take advantage of this rapidly growing field and interest in their types of products.  Situated in Vancouver which is known for being a ‘green-friendly’ city – Argus is very appropriately “at home”.

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